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I met Sanjay on a meditation retreat and felt a connection with him as soon as we started talking. He has good energy; he is kind and caring which I experienced throughout our time working together. I was reluctant to try vortex, but my intuition told me to give it a go. I can truly say that my life has changed significantly after vortex healing sessions. I have become more grounded, confident, and more trusting of my life and my own journey. I was feeling safe and secure talking openly with Sanjay and I am grateful for all the support and guidance he gave me after the sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend vortex and working with Sanjay to anyone who wants to transform their life.

Ilona Lazdane

I was struggling with some relationship issues which were draining my energy and sapping my confidence. Gradually after each session I began to feel a much greater sense of ease, calm and clarity. I became aware after a few meetings about how these sessions had contributed to a deep rest and released the stress and strain. As this year ends, I realise that I am in a much relaxed, joyous and confident state of mind and have a lot more energy and enthusiasm for what I want to do. I felt totally at ease talking to Sanjay and felt that I could share my feelings, concerns and worries with him. The attention, understanding and empathy that I received have been tremendously helpful in navigating through a difficult phase and make me feel that everything is now going in the right direction. I have the faith that these healing sessions with Sanjay will continue to help me further to realise my potential fully and to dissolve the blockages, the negative karmic patterns. Sanjay has been very kind, generous and also thoroughly professional. I look forward to working with him. Thank you Sanjay!

Bhavna Dave

Sessions with Sanjay exceeded any expectations that I had. After each one, I found huge increases in my energy levels and the subsequent impact on all areas of my life. It especially provided me with more groundedness and freer connections in my personal relationships. Throughout our interactions, he was caring, supportive and professional with valuable follow-up guidance. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Savita Vij

I was introduced to VortexHealing through a friend and felt compelled to give it a try given the great results she was achieving. From the beginning, Sanjay provided me with an open and non-judgemental space to share my story and what I was experiencing. During the sessions, Sanjay was always receptive and paid attention to what I was feeling. I also particularly enjoyed that he shared yoga poses and other exercises to do in between sessions to support the healing. In a short number of sessions he helped me release the emotional baggage that had been holding me back my whole life. I had tried countless number of alternative therapies in the past, but none had such a dramatic effect on me. In short, I think I will be forever grateful to Sanjay.

Nicolas J

I found vortex very powerful. It found its way to all the energy centres which were ‘stuck’. I experienced a great release, as well as a profound grounding under the caring instruction of Sanjay. He made me feel very secure and safe. I was able to talk openly with him about the various experiences that were coming up for me both during and after the sessions. After the sessions, I felt lighter, as if a space had opened up for me to focus on things that I wanted to change in my life. Vortex seemed to help open the way to the flow of courage, enthusiasm and determination. Sanjay’s aftercare was also very good. He was always available to give guidance and would give grounding and relaxation exercises to practice during the week. His passion and enthusiasm for this healing to transform people’s lives really shows in his work with Vortex.

Ania Scigalska

The healing sessions with you were so good for me - especially the process of returning to myself, focusing on myself and self care. Thanks for everything, esp for creating a safe space when I really needed it - I've had some breakthroughs since then - good luck with your amazing work.

Kavita Bhanot

Sanjay is a wonderful healer! My session with him was so full of love, peace and warmth, and brought wonderful healing. Some blocks are difficult to move through but I could feel in the session how the energy was shifting. Thank you so much Sanjay!

Andreea Ana Plesea

As soon as the session started I felt this strong energy overcoming my body and as the session went on I felt a deeper connection with myself, my body and the universe itself. I found some answers to some of the questions I wanted answer for a really long time. I knew that these answers would help me with my healing process. These memories that surfaced from my subconscious mind made perfect sense and I knew these childhood traumas were the cause of some of my health conditions and limiting beliefs I had about myself and my life.
This inner recognition made me feel very light and free and liberated. I also had lots of visual experiences, had all sorts of emotions come up and I felt that my consciousness was expanding into the universe.
This session had a long lasting effect on me and inspired me to make the necessary changes to my life and habits that I needed to make for a long time in order to heal and live the life I always desired.

Tibor Bernath

My Vortex sessions with Sanjay were extremely powerful. During the first healing session, I went into a deep state of trance, and felt strong energy moving through me throughout. It was really deep and effective- some pain I had in my body got cleared, while other areas became activated. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed, and I slept very deeply and well for the whole week after the session, too.
Highly recommended!

Claudia Varosio

I have really enjoyed the sessions that I have had so far with Sanjay and found them to be useful in finding the areas I need to focus on. It has also helped me look at where there may have been blockages. After the sessions I feel so rejuvenated, it may be the hour where I am in a really deep state of rest and relaxation which often a full night’s sleep does not even provide. Sanjay makes the process a very pleasant and relaxing one, that’s why I love continuing to have further sessions with him.

Amit Bhanot

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me. Since the healing therapy my pain in the back has completely disappeared.

Claudia Luque Franco

Thank you Sanjay, that was an amazing energy healing session. It was the most powerful session I have had by far. For the whole session I laid in what felt like pure bliss and I found myself thinking how could I possible get myself in to this state on a day to day basis. For the rest of the day I felt like the ready brek man.

Pip Littlewood

Wonderful. I didn’t think I would feel much, especially as it’s online. It felt strong and healing. I felt very tired the next few days. A lot of unresolved issues came up. I went for a walk in nature which helped. After this phase I felt a lot better, a letting go of things and acceptance. I enjoyed experiencing the energy body. It felt nourishing and healing. I feel more motivated and open to possibilities. I am so thankful to have experienced something of this healing unseen force.


In the second session you helped me with my heart centre. The next days I felt the impact the session had on me and it also stayed with me till today. My chest is free and I also feel very healthy after the Covid 19 Infection. I am very very grateful for the healing! I know I received healing on different layers and not only the ones I can put my finger on.

Sanna Wandtke

The energy healing was amazing, unlike any other healing that I have received. It worked so well over Zoom. There was a certain amount of lasting sensation in the stomach area which was not alarming, just noticeable and this subsided by the following day when there was a feeling of wellbeing and calm. It could not have been improved and I would not want anything done differently. I can only say that I am so impressed and also grateful for the experience.

Mary Dean

The VortexHealing session with Sanjay was really special! I could actually feel that he was working on different areas of my body and saw all kinds of images. I felt much lighter after the session and I could feel the energy coursing through my body for the whole day. Sanjay was a wonderful host who made it very easy to open up and who made me feel really safe. This will most definitely not have been my last session with him!

Nina Middelhauve

Healing happened within 30 minutes - can’t recommend enough this gentle, non-intrusive practice - believing is seeing with this work

Marie Cahill

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