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Group Distance VortexHealing®

I offer small group VortexHealing sessions every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8:15pm UK time. I cultivate a safe space for an intimate group of up to 10 people to share the experience of Vortex.

I use a tool called Merlin's Healing Grid to run these sessions. Merlin's Healing Grid is one of the most powerful Vortex tools and it works through divine consciousness to bring in qualities of grace and divine wisdom. It doesn't work by directly releasing conditioning but rather realigns consciousness with the truth, and with the movement of truth through creation, and then conditioning naturally lets go of it's own accord. Merlin's Healing grid can work on a person as a whole, some issue for that person, the physical body and any of the energy bodies. It can work on personal situations, larger situations and even global issues.

Each session starts with the same protocol to bring in a sense of peace, relaxation and prepare the energy system for the healing. The focus of the healing will include the clearing and optimising of one or more of the chakras, harmonising the chakras, nourishing the nervous system and harmonising all aspects of your life. 

I start the sessions with a short grounding exercise and will ask you periodically to place your awareness and breathe into certain areas of the body. Sessions run for one hour with an opportunity to share your experience at the end of the the healing, although sharing is optional. Group sessions may not provide the same level of release as an individual session however many experience a deep sense of relaxation, balance and connection as a result of the healing.

"You created such a nice healing space for everyone. It was a nice atmosphere in the group. Very caring and intimate." Baptiste​  

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