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About Me

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My journey into the world of energy started over 20 years ago in the first yoga class I attended. I felt a deep sense of connection and balance that I had not experienced before. Yoga was my path to meditation and over the years has helped me to connect more deeply to myself and evolve my energy system.

Although my parents did the best they could, I grew up in an environment  that felt emotionally unstable and unsafe. This was largely due to unresolved family trauma from their parents and many generations before them.

I became hyper sensitive to energy, and was able to sense the feelings and emotions of others around me from a very young age.

Growing up with this was a challenge as it meant I often absorbed the energy of other people which often affected my health. As I started learning and practicing energy healing techniques, my energy system evolved, I became more grounded, and I now have stronger boundaries.

I have been interested in my own self development since a young age and have used lots of tools and techniques such as NLP, EFT, brainwave training, meditation and talking therapy to help with my own growth and transformation. I left the corporate world a few years ago with the intention to use what I have learnt to help others with their own transformation, however I wasn’t quite sure exactly how I would do this.

My question was answered when during a challenging time in my life I was led to VortexHealing® based on the recommendation from a friend. I experienced profound and powerful shifts just from the first session and felt a deep connection to the energy. I continued the sessions which helped raise my awareness of the root causes and at the same time it released energy blockages in my system. In parallel I made changes in my life to reflect the new feeling of freedom I felt. In a sense, I started to feel more like myself than I had in a long time.

Since then I've become a VortexHealing practitioner and am continuing to learn, grow and transform. I feel blessed that I am now in a position to do what I love by sharing VortexHealing with others who are ready to return to their natural state of being.

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