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How does energy
healing work?

As groups of cells join together they form tissues, which in turn form organs. Organs join together to become systems and finally, the systems join together to form a body. The field of light surrounding the body holds the energy and information providing it with the physical properties and give it instructions for life.

The chemicals from stress draw energy from the field surrounding the cells leaving the body with little energy to give the proper instructions for growth and repair. In turn individual centres within the body no longer receive, process or express energy and can no longer send necessary signals to associated parts of the body. This causes the centres of the body to become incoherent which leads to disease or imbalance.

Energy healing works by channeling pure healing energy to where it is most needed, to change the information and instructions of the energy field surrounding the cells, organs and systems of the body. This restores harmony, balance and coherence within the body. Leaving a person with a sense of wholeness as they start to feel more connected to their essence.

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