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Hi, I am Sanjay. I use my sensitivity and presence to help people heal and awaken to the true nature of their being.

Using VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing together with my intuition, energetic blockages can be identified and released, restoring balance. Helping to transform related emotional patterns to bring in a sense of freedom. 

I have used VortexHealing effectively for many conditions including Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Addiction and Pain Relief. In addition I have worked with people to successfully transform emotional patterns and behaviors including Co-dependency, Insecurity, Low Confidence, Low Self-Esteem and ​symptoms of Complex PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To find out more and discuss how VortexHealing can help you, click the button below to book a free 20 minute call.

Tor Rainbow_edited.jpg

I can truly say that my life has changed significantly after vortex healing sessions. I have become more grounded, confident, and more trusting of my life and my own journey. I was feeling safe and secure talking openly with Sanjay and I am grateful for all the support and guidance he gave me after the sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend vortex and working with Sanjay to anyone who wants to transform their life.

Ilona Lazdane

"In a short number of sessions he helped me release the emotional baggage that had been holding me back my whole life. I had tried countless number of alternative therapies in the past, but none had such a dramatic effect on me. In short, I think I will be forever grateful to Sanjay."

Nicolas J

Sessions with Sanjay exceeded any expectations that I had. After each one, I found huge increases in my energy levels and the subsequent impact on all areas of my life. It especially provided me with more groundedness and freer connections in my personal relationships. Throughout our interactions, he was caring, supportive and professional with valuable follow-up guidance. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Savita Vij


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